Authorized Economic Operator Certificate

Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Purchase Consultancy, Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Continuous Consulting, Annual Activity Report Consultancy.

The authorized obligor system is the new name of reliable and easy trading. Thanks to the YYS document, customs procedures can be made easier and faster. From now on, many facilitation and lack of control, from the blue line application in imports to the VIP crossing from the borders, will now belong to the authorized obligor status holders.

YYS is not only a national document, but also a status with international validity. Our companies, which have received YYS (AEO) in our country, will benefit from various privileges in other countries and will be more preferred thanks to mutual recognition agreements. Therefore, this document has a great contribution to the competitiveness of our companies in economic life and on a global scale.

With our experienced and knowledgeable experts who have worked in the public sector, who have contributed to the arrival of the authorized operator system to our country, we will provide you with the best service, under the most favorable conditions, in obtaining the YYS document and maintaining this status, by adapting your customs issues and related internal control processes to the YYS.