Intellectual and Industrial Rights

Patent Utility Model Registration and Protection, Design, International trademark registration "Madrid System"

Important rules to be considered in Trademark Registration;

Protect your brand and deliver it in safe hands.

  1. The chosen brand word and logo should be suitable for branding in Türkiye and other countries.
  2. It should be ensured that there are no similar brands that are registered in the country where the registration is requested and that will affect the consumer preference.
  3. Due to the pronunciation and spelling of the word, there should be no difficulties in its registration in foreign countries.
  4. The selected brand should not have a word or image that cannot be registered legally.
  5. Similar trademark owners can object to your trademark applied for and file a lawsuit.
  6. Your brand's reading, meaning, visuality, use in printing, branding effectiveness should be sufficient. Your brand, which will represent your business, must meet the above-mentioned criteria and be able to carry your company to the future. Do not make a decision on objections to similar brands without obtaining information from the Legal Department of our Consultancy.


Monitoring: Different trademark owners may object to your trademark, due to their registered or continuous use. You can also use your right to object to trademark applications of other companies for the same reasons.

The number of trademark applications published every 15 days is more than 4500. Among them, there may be some that negatively affect your brand due to similarities. The way to avoid this is to get regular and reliable monitoring reports from your consultant.

Correspondence with the institution during the trademark registration process is limited to the forfeiture dates. Precise follow-up of the registration procedures before the institution, preparation of a comprehensive and legal counter-opinion dossier against your trademark appeal requires expertise and experience in all aspects.


International trademark registration “Madrid System”

It is a system that provides the opportunity to apply for trademark registration in more than 100 countries with a single application. Registration fees may vary from country to country. You can choose the country you want in the table that our company will send, and you can calculate your registration cost yourself.

In case of registration of a trademark in foreign countries, 50% of the expenses of registration expenses are supported free of charge by the state.

Patent Utility Model Registration and Protection

In order for your invention to be protected by patent, leave it in safe hands. Benefit from usage and license rights for 20 years. The utility model protection period is 10 years. Not every invention can be protected by patent registration.

Preparing a patent file is a specialist job.


Patent: It is a registration system established for the protection of new and industrially applicable inventions that exceed the state of the art.

Innovation research: Before the application for registration of the invention, an innovation research should be done in the world, if there is no inventive step and if it is not new, time and money should not be spent on the application. Patent experts of our firm inform the inventor about the inventions that will not be protected by registration.

Specification writing: It must be compatible with the patent file specification and claims. Corrections can be made in the claims prepared incompletely or inadequately with a description that explains the invention comprehensively.

Protect Your Invention Right: If your invention has been documented and published to individuals or institutions with date, you can protect your right by applying for a patent containing the priority date within 12 months from this date. Otherwise, the invention loses its novelty feature.

The person or company holding the proof can denounce your rights by certifying that your invention is not new.

A national application can be made as well as an international patent “PCT” application covering more than 150 countries in a single application.

The patent application process can take 3 years or more. Each stage is a process that requires follow-up and expertise. Patent application and support file preparation and guidance, monitoring every step until the registration is concluded, and initiating the transactions on time are carried out by our firm's patent experts.

Utility Model: It is the valid registration system for small inventions where the requirement for novelty is required but the requirement for inventive step is not required. It results in an average of one year. The protection period is 10 years, provided that it is renewed every year. Do not decide on objections to your similar patents and utility models without obtaining information from the Firm's Consultancy Legal Department.


Design is the visual differences perceived by human senses such as ornament, line, shape, form, texture on the whole or part of the product. Design refers to the appearance and visuality of a product.


The novelty is that the design is new and has not been put on the market in Türkiye and the world. New and non-distinctive designs cannot be protected by registration. It is rejected outright.

Even if non-new designs are registered, they can be canceled based on the registration or previous right of use.


It is 25 years, provided that it is renewed every five years. The protection of designs that are not renewed on time ends.


The priority right period in designs is 6 months. In order for the design to be new, it must not have been presented to the public 12 months prior to the priority date.


Designs provide protection within the borders of the country where they are registered. It is not protected in other countries. Therefore, registration of designs in export countries is an investment in the future. Do not neglect.

Do not make a decision without consulting the experts of our company.


  • Those who make false identification about the design,
  • Those who show themselves as registration holders,
  • Those who save even though they do not have the right,

Those who use expressions as if they are registered even though they are not registered are punished with imprisonment and fine. Penalties are high.



Design registration applications, registered or unregistered right holders can be objected to within the 3-month announcement period for the protection of their rights.

Designs may be rejected due to legitimate objections. For this reason, unique designs should be applied for.

Do not make a decision on objections to similar designs without obtaining information from the Legal Department of Consultancy of our company.



It covers activities that can be documented for the purpose of putting on the market, using, describing, publishing, promoting or similar purposes, such as displaying, selling.



With an application made to the "OHİM" Community Trademark and Design office, a design can be registered in the countries included in the European Union.