Consultancy for Obtaining YSS Certificate

In general, companies that want to obtain the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate; they must have fulfilled the conditions of reliability, financial adequacy, reliability and traceability of commercial records, safety and security criteria. In this context, the conditions expected by the Ministry are fulfilled based on the Annex 2 Questionnaire / Self-Assessment Form annexed to the Regulation, in which the criteria to be fulfilled are determined.

Prerequisites for YYS Application

The prerequisites for companies that want to obtain the YSS certificate are;

  • Being resident in the Turkish Customs Zone, including free zones,
  • Actively operating for at least 3 years,
  • To have made transactions within the scope of at least 100 declarations in the last 1 year,
  • To have ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates.

Companies that meet the aforementioned prerequisites can apply by providing the criteria in the Annex 2 Questionnaire.

Step by Step YYS Process

companies holding the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate in Turkey has reached 591 as of 31.12.2021 .

After the companies provide the prerequisites, procedures, instructions, forms, charts, etc., that meet the issues specified in the ANNEX 2 Questionnaire, in order to meet the general conditions. prepares documents. The answers in the prepared documents are referred to under the related question in the ANNEX 2 Questionnaire.

The form filled in this way and the completed documents are made available for application in the form of YYS File. On the other hand, the Application Documents specified in the said Regulation are prepared by the companies.

After all documents are completed, YYS e-application is made in electronic environment via e-government. The authorized person who can make the application via e-government is defined through YKTS (Oblied Registration and Tracking System). You can access

the YKTS Obligatory Guide published by the Ministry here .

After the application, the first control (control of application documents) is made by the relevant Regional Directorate and if there is a deficiency, correction is requested.

If the deficiency is corrected by the company, the system is reloaded and the file is approved by the Regional Directorate, it is sent to the General Directorate.

An expert is appointed at the General Directorate to control the file on a document basis.

Appendix 2 Questionnaire in the YYS File and the procedure, instruction etc. referred to the Form. checks documents. If he sees a defect, he asks the company for a correction and the company corrects the deficiencies and reloads the system.

After the expert approves the file, the YYS File is transferred to the Inspection Board in order to appoint an inspector for on-site inspection/audit in the company. An inspector is appointed for on-site inspection/audit in the company.

The inspector appointed by the Ministry goes to the company's facilities and checks whether the issues specified on the basis of documents are also in practice, and checks whether what is written in the procedures and what is actually done are compatible.

If major deficiencies are detected by the inspector, he gives time to the company to fix it and comes to the audit to check again.

If he does not see any deficiencies, he gives a positive opinion to the company and upon the positive report to be submitted to the Ministry, the company is entitled to receive the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate.