Import and Export Permits

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Ministry of Health Permits


Companies that produce chemicals (precursors) classified as narcotic and psychotropic substances within the scope of international agreements are obliged to obtain an import permit, while companies that import Registration Certificates. The export and transit trade of these substances is also subject to the permission of the Ministry of Health.


Companies that import or manufacture cosmetic products are obliged to notify the Ministry of Health in order to be able to supply cosmetic products to the market in accordance with the obligations of the Cosmetics Law and the Cosmetic Regulation.


Drinking water and mineral waters to be imported, licensed drugs, raw materials of these drugs, etc. The inspection of products in terms of human health and safety is subject to the permission of the Ministry of Health. The Control Certificate is a 6-12 month document that must be submitted to the Customs Directorate at the import stage.


The Safety Data Sheet, with information on the manufacturer, importer, product content, hazards of the product and its components, use, storage, transportation and emergency solutions, health, environment and fire precautions to be taken in case of exposure to danger, disposal, toxicology, Eco-toxicology etc. It is a document containing detailed information.

Safety data sheets can be prepared by persons certified by the Accredited body on personnel certification for the preparation of safety data sheets.

Our engineers in the consultancy staff of our company have the capacity to serve your company for the issuance of the safety data sheet "MSDS".

It is a legal obligation to prepare a Safety Data Sheet "SDS" for your perfume, air aromatizing products and cosmetics, cleaning products within the scope of detergents and chemicals subject to İSGÜM permit.



It is an export-specific document that is issued for the buyer company abroad and sent with the product, in case of exporting the products for which production permission has been obtained.



It is obligatory for companies that import or manufacture the products listed below to make a notification regarding these products and obtain a Notification Registration Certificate.

  1. Air aromatizing products (room, auto, wc, etc. odors)
  2. Strong acid and/or base containing sink opener, descaling agent, salt spirit etc. cleaning products
  3. Cleaning agents and detergents, dishwashing detergents, surface cleaners, etc.
  4. Diapers, sanitary pads, tampons, breast pads etc.
  5. pool water chemicals


Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Permits - Notifications

Substances that deplete the OZONE LAYER

The Regulation on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer” was published and entered into force. With the said regulation, some exceptions have been brought to the use of the products. Do not make a decision without consulting our company's experts for the import permit letter, which is mandatory for the import of certain products and products included in the GTIP.



It is the document that should be obtained for solid fuels and metal scraps that industrialists will use in their production. Certificate of Conformity procedures are carried out from the Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urbanization located in the province where the import will be made.



Paint and paint chemicals, industrial adhesives, etc. to be imported. It is a one-year permit issued for the inspection of chemical products in terms of occupational and worker health and safety and for registration of imports.



Every company that wants to import alcoholic beverages must obtain a Distribution Authorization Certificate from TAPDK and a Certificate of Conformity for each alcoholic beverage it wishes to import.

Before applying to TAPDK, permission must be obtained from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.



Permission is required for petroleum products other than fuel, which will be imported and domestically purchased. The company to be licensed has to be an industrialist.

A separate permit is obtained for each chemical within the scope of the Communiqué. Permits are valid until the end of the calendar year. Do not make a decision without getting information from the Consultancy experts of our company.



Firearms, non-firearms, binoculars, knives, etc. to be imported. It is a permit issued for each import by the General Directorate of Security for products.




It is a document approved by the Chamber of Commerce to which the exporter is affiliated and showing the origin of the exported goods.

The certificate of origin, commercial invoices, power of attorney, contract, health certificate approved by the Ministry of Interior and the Governor's Office, together with the official documents of the company for those who will participate in the tender, must be approved by the consulate of the country where the product will be exported.


Ministry of Economy Import Permits


It is a permit issued by the Ministry of Economy, General Directorate of Import, for the import of goods subject to surveillance.

It is an application for the purpose of monitoring the import with a "Surveillance Certificate" to be issued by the Ministry of Economy, General Directorate of Import, in case the import of a product increases in the amount/or conditions that will harm or threaten domestic producers.



Import License:

It refers to the document issued by the General Directorate of Imports to ensure imports within the scope of the tariff quota application.


Autonomous Tariff Quota (One-sided):

In order to maintain the balance in the domestic market and to ensure that the prices are at a reasonable level, tariff quotas are opened for the import of certain products with a discount or 0% customs duty for a certain period.


Tariff Quotas Opened within the Framework of Bilateral Agreements:

Within the framework of our obligations arising from Free Trade Agreements or Preferential Trade Agreements, only the tariff quota for the country with which the agreement is signed can be applied for the import of some products.

Within the scope of the Tariff Quota application, product groups can be tied to a quota in terms of quantity, and application amounts can be restricted by the institution.



It is a document issued by the Ministry of Economy, General Directorate of Imports, which must be obtained for the import of war tools and equipment, which are subject to control by exporting countries, and critical materials that have the quality of producing them.

Before import, product transactions subject to the Notification of Import Certificate must be completed.



For the import of used or refurbished machinery and equipment for use in manufacturing industry facilities, an import permit must be obtained in advance.

Importation of used machinery or facilities cannot be made without the necessary procedures at the source and the approved documents to be prepared.

Before deciding on the import of used machinery, the necessary actions should be carried out on time and with precision. Otherwise, the import may not be possible.

In case the GTIP numbers, definitions and some technical features of the machines are reported, the Consultancy experts of our company inform the legal conditions and the necessary actions.


Permissions of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

All kinds of foodstuffs to be imported are subject to the preliminary permission of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Depending on the content of the food to be imported, the type of permission to be obtained, the application authority and the documents to be prepared differ.

Before making the import decision, do not start the transactions without getting information from the experts of our company.



The permit procedures of the foods included in the annex of the import communiqué published by the Ministry every year are carried out through an electronic system called the Food Safety Information System (GGBS).

In general, this group includes natural fruits and vegetables, spices, beverages, alcoholic beverages, sports foods, biscuits, chocolates, etc. There is a wide range of products available.

In addition to foodstuffs, products that come into contact with food (plates, glasses, cling film, spoons, thermos, etc.) must also be authorized through the preliminary notification system.

Supplementary Food License:

According to the Food Supplementary Regulation, companies that produce or import food supplements must obtain a license from the authorized Provincial Directorates of Agriculture or the Ministry according to the content of the product. According to the regulation that entered into force as of 01.01.2015, products that have not been authorized will not be placed on the market, and the products on the market will be recalled.


Audit and Reporting:

The companies that want to produce food or are currently producing food are provided with services for inspecting the compliance of the labels, packaging and contents of their products with the Ministry's legislation, performing and reporting the 3rd party on-site inspection of the workplace in accordance with the Hygiene Regulation and HACCP practices.


Business registration certificate:

Companies that want to produce foodstuffs or food contact materials must obtain a Business Registration Certificate from the Provincial or District Directorates of Agriculture to which they are affiliated.

Companies that want to produce food must produce in accordance with HACCP (ISO 22000) standards.


Control Document:

A control certificate must be obtained from the authorized Provincial Directorates of Food, Agriculture and Livestock for products that are prepared directly from materials of animal origin (milk, meat, eggs, etc.) or whose content of animal origin is more than 50% of the product component.

Animal feed, pet food, fertilizer, etc. The necessary permits from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock must be obtained in advance for the importation of products.


Agricultural Control Tools and Machines License:

Agricultural equipment and machinery produced or imported must be licensed by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Do not make a decision without getting enough information before importing.


Warranty Certificate
After-Sales Service Adequacy Certificate


Manufacturer or importer companies are responsible for guaranteeing all kinds and/or branded goods they produce or import to their consumers.

It is obliged to issue a guarantee document containing the legal conditions and give it to the consumer. Consultancy experts of our company provide services in accordance with the legal requirements regarding the issuance of the Warranty Certificate to be presented by the customer to the consumer.

After Sales Services Qualification Certificate

In order to be able to sell the product, it is a mandatory document obtained from the Ministry by presenting the contracts made with the Technical Services, provided that the conditions of the region and the number of technical services specified in the law are met. It shows the rights and obligations of the consumer and the seller with the commitment to repair or replace it free of charge.

After-Sales Service Qualification Certificate, the duration of Technical Service Contracts is one year, provided that it is renewed every year.


Product User Manual

The user manual prepared for the imported or manufactured product represents the value your company gives to the customer. For imported or domestic products, the manufacturer is obliged to give the user's manual to the consumer.


Criminal Sanctions

Those who sell without obtaining After-Sales Services Qualification Certificate are legally liable to pay an administrative fine of 100.000 TL. Despite the number of missing services, those who make sales pay an administrative fine of 10,000 TL for each missing service.