Tourism Investment and Operation Certificate

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Tourism Investments and Government Supports

  1. Tourism facilities at the investment stage should be designed and implemented in such a way as to meet the requirements of the Tourism Operation Certificate.
  2. Tourism Investment Certificate: Tourism Investment Certificate is obtained from the Ministry of Tourism in accordance with the facility project information.
  3. A state-supported Investment Incentive Certificate is obtained by submitting a Tourism Investment Certificate .
  4. Tourism Operation Certificate: Tourism Operation Certificate must be obtained when the facility is put into operation. A Tourism Operation Certificate cannot be obtained without a Business and Working License.
  5. In order for tourism facilities to be put into operation, it is only possible if the facility is built in compliance with legal requirements and a Tourism Operation Certificate is obtained.


State Supports for Tourism Investments within the Scope of Incentive

Before starting the tourism investment, do not forget to get the Investment Incentive Certificate. In order for your expenditures to benefit from the support, your Investment Incentive document must be obtained. Except for the building construction expenditures, other expenditures must be made after the approval date of the investment incentive certificate. Depending on the regions, regional or general supports can be used. You can contact us for government support in tourism investments by province. We review all supports and terms of use.

Supports to be benefited with the Tourism Investment Incentive Certificate;

  • General Supports: VAT Exemption and customs tax exemption
  • Regional supports: Tax Reduction as much as the amount of investment contribution, Employer's Share of Insurance Premium Support, Interest Support, Investment Place Allocation, Customs Duty Exemption, VAT Exemption.
  • Insurance Premium Support (Only for Region 6)
  • Income Tax Withholding (Only for Region 6)