Warehouse and Storage Services

Temporary Storage: The goods that are brought into the Customs Territory of Turkey, which are not in free circulation, are in the status of temporarily stored goods until they are subjected to a customs-approved treatment or use after they are presented to the customs and are referred to as such.

Warehouses are places established for the purpose of placing the goods under customs supervision and the conditions and qualifications to be sought in its establishment are determined by regulation.

Free Warehousing means that products whose customs procedures have been completed but not yet withdrawn by the owner are waiting in free warehouses.

Some products require different storage and storage conditions. Our company prepares the necessary ground for the safest and most cost-effective storage of your products on your behalf. It offers solutions to prevent your material and time loss by sharing warehouse and temporary warehouse solutions suitable for your cargo with you.

Safe storage of your goods, loading and unloading operations under the supervision of our expert team are the main services we offer in our warehouses.