Tax Duty Fee Exemption Document

It refers to the document issued by the Ministry of Economy (General Directorate of Export) that allows sales and deliveries to be considered as exports, as well as foreign exchange earning services and activities, to benefit from tax, duty and fee exemption.

All kinds of loans extended by credit institutions, provided that they are used in the financing of exports, sales and deliveries considered as exports, foreign exchange earning services and activities and transit trade;

(including Turkish Eximbank's loans extended through intermediary banks, short-term rediscount loans extended by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey to Türk Eximbank, and gold loans extended depending on export commitments);

They are exempted from Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax, Stamp Duty, Tax Dues and Fees.


  • It makes a comprehensive examination according to your company's documents and requests. It informs you about your interests and risks.
  • It prepares your application file and receives Tax Duty and Fee Exemption Certificate from the relevant institution.
  • In the process of document usage, it informs about the arrangement, keeping, and making the expenditure documents subject to support in accordance with the document closing conditions.
  • Document time extension reminds the transactions at the time. It makes the time extension process by making an application on time.
  • It prepares your document closing file, makes the application, and follows up until the process is concluded.