Export Transactions

The Export Regime is the regime in which the provisions regarding the exit of the goods in free circulation out of the Turkish Customs Territory for export purposes are applied.

Export service titles are as follows.

  • Performing a feasibility study on the goods to be exported.
  • External Processing Regime applications and TEV.(Compensatory Tax)
  • Health certificate, Control certificate, A.TR, Eur-1 certificate of origin, consular certification procedures etc. done.
  • Making the membership procedures of the relevant export unions according to the type of the goods, obtaining the union certification.
  • G.T.İ.P. detection.
  • Delivery of the documents prepared by the customs officer to the bank and/or the buyer in accordance with the customer's instructions.
  • The vehicle subject to transportç Follow-up of customs procedures.
  • Issuing the customs declaration of the goods to be exported and completing the operation.
  • Delivery of documents to the shipping company.
  • Temporary export operations and tracking of their time.
  • Delivery of the documents to you with the document delivery form.
  • Closing the customs exit declaration.
  • Delivery of export copy of closed customs exit declarations to the company.