Import Transactions

Entry into free circulation of the goods coming into the Customs Territory of Turkey; The implementation of trade policy measures is possible with the completion of other procedures foreseen for the import of the goods and the collection of taxes that must be paid by law.

Import service titles are as follows.

  • Performing feasibility study regarding the goods to be imported.
  • Inward Processing Regime applications.
  • Following all stages from order to Door to Door transactions.
  • Travel and document information of the goods from the shipping company.
  • Making the bill of lading endorsements of the documents (if any).
  • Receipt of order.
  • G.T.İ.P. detection.
  • Classification and delivery of the original certified related documents to the operations department.
  • Making a cush.
  • Starting the customs acceptance and registration process and inspecting the goods.
  • Keeping the minutes in case of deficiency, damage or error and informing the relevant units.
  • Making the relevant collateral or tax statements by making accruals.
  • Physical delivery of the goods to the address specified in the instructions given by the relevant companies.
  • Delivery of documents to you with the document delivery form.