Establishment of Foreign Capital Company, Branch and Liaison Office

Establishment of Companies with Foreign Capital, Establishment of Branches with Foreign Capital, Turkey Liaison Offices of Foreign Companies

Foreign Capital Company and Branch Establishment

Limited Company Establishment

Foreign nationals and companies can establish a Limited Company with a minimum capital of 10.000 TL in Turkey, without the requirement of share ratio, and they can acquire Turkish partners.

Foreign nationals may establish a limited liability company with one or more partners, provided that they obtain a work permit in Turkey and appoint a company director. Foreign companies can also establish limited or joint stock companies with single or multiple partners. The company title must be determined in Turkish. Limited company should be stated and should include the field of activity.

In company establishments, foreign nationals must submit a tax number or foreigner's identification number, a notarized copy of their passport and, if any, an approved residence permit.

Turkish or foreign nationals can be appointed as company directors to the established company. Appointed company officials can use the authority of the director to represent the company.


Joint Stock Company Establishment

Joint stock companies are established with at least 50,000.-TL capital and at least 1 partner. The title of the company must be determined in Turkish, there must be a joint-stock company phrase and it must contain the field of activity.

Our company, foreign companies and individuals company establishment in Turkey, foreign companies

It provides corporate services for branch or liaison office establishments in Turkey.

Our company's legal and financial affairs unit continues to provide its services, starting from the establishment request, during the establishment and throughout its activity after the establishment is completed.

Work and Residence Permits of company partners: Residence permits and legal work permits can be obtained for company partners and employees.

However, for each foreign employee, it is required that there are 5 Turkish citizens and that the paid-in capital of the company or branch is at least 100,000 TL.

Our company provides Relocation services to the employees of foreign companies, foreign partners or employees of companies with foreign capital established in Turkey, and foreign customers.

Branches of Companies: Branches of foreign companies are authorized to carry out all the business and transactions of the parent company. The parent company may authorize Turkish or foreign persons to carry out these works.

For the opening of a branch, the General Assembly Decision must be taken by the parent company in the foreign country and signed by the authorities.

Signature statements of the persons authorized to sign under the branch title should be submitted and a power of attorney should be given to the representatives of the consultancy company that will serve for the establishment of the branch.


Türkiye Liaison Offices of Foreign Companies

Foreign national companies can open a liaison office and continue their activities by extending the time provided that they do not carry out commercial activities in Turkey.

It is a legal rule to obtain permission from the General Directorate of Foreign Capital for the establishment of a liaison office. It is obligatory to obtain a Work Permit for foreign personnel who will work in liaison offices.

The Ministry stipulates that a period of at least one year has elapsed since the establishment of the company for the requests of newly established companies to open a liaison office in Turkey.


Liaison office duration: A maximum of 3 years is given for the first application of the liaison office. An application for an extension must be made before the end of the activity period.


Criteria for granting deadlines: The relevant Ministry in the liaison office time extension requests;

  • Past year activities of the liaison office,
  • The future business plan and targets of the foreign company in Turkey,
  • Current and projected expenditure amount,
  • Number of personnel employed

may give appropriate time to the nature of the activity, taking into account the nature of the activity.

The operating period of the offices that have obtained permission to conduct market research or to promote the products and services of the foreign company shall not be extended.

Activity Report: Liaison offices should send the Information Form on the Activities of the Liaison Offices and its annexes to the Ministry, every year, by the end of May at the latest, about the activities of the bureau for the past year.

Time extension requests of liaison offices that do not send this form and its annexes will not be taken into consideration. Operating licenses can also be revoked ex officio.