Turquality Consulting

Our Turquality consultancy service is given under two main headings. First of all, we provide consultancy services in the field of Turquality preparation and corporate transformation activities for companies that want to apply for Turquality. Secondly, we provide Turquality Export Supports Consultancy for the companies that are already in the Turquality or Brand program, in order to receive the maximum level and sustainable Turquality supports.

We introduce your brand to the world with Turquality Consultancy. TURQUALITY®, the first and only state-supported branding program in Turkey, provides companies with great support and convenience in order to increase the exports of our country and strengthen the "Made in Turkey" image by developing strong global Turkish brands. Companies that want to have a global brand start to receive supports within the scope of Brand Support or TURQUALITY® as a result of meeting the prerequisites.

It covers all processes from production to marketing, sales and after-sales service of companies with product groups with branding potential. We are with you as your guide and assistant in your efforts to benefit from government supports and establish the system so that you can work effectively abroad. Starting from the preliminary analysis of your company, we are with you in the roadmap to be followed, all the necessary documents for support and application periods.