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Ensuring sustainability is as important as obtaining the YYS Certificate.

After receiving the document, all departments should prepare procedures, instructions, schedules, etc. they must follow all the rules they write in the documents. If an issue that needs to be updated has been published, the documents and the application must be updated. Every 5 years, the updated Questionnaire and updated documents should be submitted to the Ministry within the scope of the "Monitoring" article of the Regulation.

YYS Annual Activity Report should be written at the end of each year . For this, the declaration and its annexed documents and accounting records should be checked and audited periodically.

Mandatory trainings required by YYS should continue to be taken according to their periods.

Protocols to be made with suppliers, forms to be filled, etc. practices should be carried out regularly without neglect.

Necessary notifications and applications should be made in cases such as changes in the information recorded in the certificate, changes in the authorizations covered by the certificate, changes in the facilities within the scope of the certificate and company authorities.

The things that need to be done for safety and security in the facilities should continue to be fulfilled in accordance with the YYS requirements. Physical and digital archives should continue to be archived in accordance with
YYS requirements .

Authorizations that can be obtained by the companies holding the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate

companies that have YYS request and fulfill the conditions specified in the Regulation;

  • On-Site Customs Clearance in Export,
  • On-Site Customs Clearance
  • Permitted Buyer

obtain their authority.

While On-site Customs clearance authorizations can be obtained by foreign trade companies, Authorized Buyer authorization can be obtained by logistics companies providing international transportation services.

For the said authorization purchases, both the procedure and so on. An application is made by writing documents and by providing physical competence and inspection is carried out by the inspection personnel assigned by the Ministry.

In case of approval, the authority applied for is added to the Certificate. ( The Authorized Sender authorization, which was previously included in the scope of the Regulation on Facilitating Customs Procedures and could be obtained by logistics companies, was excluded from the scope of the Regulation).

What are the Conveniences Provided by the Authorized Economic Operator?

  1. a) Facilitation of Simplified Procedures:
  • On-site customs clearance in export (to carry out transactions from their own facilities without presenting the export goods to the export customs administration),
  • Permitted consignor (able to ship the transit goods from their own facilities without presenting them to the customs office of departure), On-site customs clearance in imports (able to carry out transactions from their own facilities without presenting the import goods to the import customs office),
  • Permitted consignee (able to ship the transit goods to their own facilities without presenting them to the customs office of destination),
  • Providing a predetermined amount of indefinite and non-reduced collateral within the scope of lump-sum collateral application instead of separate collateral for each transaction in secured transactions,
  • To be able to issue an A.TR circulation certificate without the need for approval by the chambers and visa procedures by the customs directorates,
  • To be able to issue Invoice Statement and EUR.MED Invoice Statement regardless of the value of the goods,
  • Being able to make a statement with missing documents,
  • Benefiting from on-board processing, without limitation according to the type of goods,
  • Ability to use incomplete document and declaration and on-board processing convenience together,
  • To be able to submit an analysis report taken up to 6 months before the import of the goods determined by the Customs Regulation,
  • Receiving the goods determined by the Customs Regulation without the analysis results,
  • Receiving oil and derivatives for which bill of lading cannot be submitted before the bill of lading is presented,
  • To be able to benefit from different regulations to be made by the Ministry regarding the determination of goods.
  1. b) Facilities Regarding the Control Type of Declaration:
  • Being able to process on the green line, which is the line where there is no goods inspection and document control in import and export,
  • Benefiting from the green line in on-board transactions,
  • Less document control or subject to inspection,
  • In case of document control or inspection, the ability to perform these operations first
  1. c) Safety and Security Facilities:
  • Ability to make a summary statement consisting of reduced mandatory information,
  • Less subject to customs controls related to safety and security based on summary declaration or documents replacing summary declaration or information used as summary declaration,
  • In case of customs checks related to safety and security, being able to carry out these checks first,
  • It can pass through the border gates with priority.

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