Domestic Goods Certificate

Domestic Goods Certificate refers to the document showing that the goods offered by the bidders in the procurement of goods to be made in accordance with the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 are domestic goods.

Domestic Goods Certificate

It is the document that provides a price advantage to the producers at the rate determined by the law in public tenders (current rate is 15%). In order for the products to be considered as domestic goods, the following conditions are sought:

  • It is produced by enterprises with an Industrial Registry Certificate and is included as a "Production Subject" in the Industrial Registry Certificate,
  • The fact that the important stages of the production process and the economically necessary and essential labor and action have been made in Turkey, with the products completely produced or obtained in Turkey,
  • must be at least 51% .


Domestic Goods Certificate for Software Manufacturers (Companies)

It is a document that provides software manufacturers with a price advantage at the rate determined by the law in public tenders (current rate is 15%).



Terms of the owner of the software

  • Real persons must be resident in Turkey and the legal entity must be established within the borders of the Republic of Turkey according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey.
  • must belong to the legal entity(s) established in the country or to the real person(s) residing in Turkey.


Terms of the software

  • Regarding all stages in the life cycle of the software (1- project management plan/software development plan, 2- analysis, 3- design, 4- coding, 5- testing, 6- maintenance, 7- installation guide, 8- user/help guide) It is required to have TS ISO IEC 12207 document showing that there are documents.
  • The software must have TS ISO IEC 25051 certificate.
  • The version tracking system must be used in the software.
  • Software Technical Introduction Form (Annex-2) and its annexed documents must be submitted.


Conditions for employment

  • At least 51% of the personnel employed in software development teams (1- project manager, 2- analysis team, 3- design team, 4- coding team, 5- testing team, 6- maintenance team) and R&D must be a citizen.