Inward Processing Permit Certificate

It is the state support that enables the importation of imported or domestic raw materials and auxiliary materials to be used in the manufacture of products to be exported, without paying taxes.

Support provided with Inward Processing Authorization Certificate

  1. Customs duty,
  2. KKDF (Resource Utilization Support Fund)
  3. VAT Exemption (Applies to purchases of imported and domestic raw materials and auxiliary materials.)


Consultancy services

  • It provides uninterrupted service until your document is taken from the institution and your document responsibility expires.
  • Informing: According to your company's capacity report and your wishes, your interests and risks
  • gives written notice.
  • Reporting: It monitors your import and export quantities and amounts from the system during the document usage process. time intake,
  • provides reports on your TEV (compensatory tax) risks.
  • Login to the system: Domestic raw material purchases, sales considered as exports, and
  • enters the delivery invoices into the system.
  • Document revisions: GTIP, item name, quantity, price change, time extensions, company address and title change
  • fulfill your needs on time.
  • TEV calculation: produced with raw materials imported from third countries and exported to EU countries
  • makes your TEV calculations for products.
  • Closing Your Inward Processing Permit: Prepares your document closing file, makes the application,
  • Follows the processes until they are completed.


Inward Processing Authorization Certificate usage information

  • with 10% Guaranteed or Discounted Collateral:
  • Imports can be made without paying taxes.
  • containing industrial products and issued within the last four years, the export commitment of which has been closed,
  • a total of 1 (one) million USD, within the scope of documents containing Agriculture and Processed Agricultural Products, 500
  • (five hundred) thousand USD, not less than the amount of exported , discounted guarantee right shall be obtained.
  • You can import without giving a 10% letter of guarantee when purchasing new documents.
  • In addition, companies with OKSB (Approved Person Status Certificate) can also provide discounted coverage at certain rates.
  • is provided.
  • Time Extension: In order to extend the time, at least 25% of the export commitment must be fulfilled. Our company monitors the amount and amount of your exports and provides reports at regular intervals.
  • TEV Payment: The EU or the circulation of the product produced with the raw material imported as Duty Free
  • Payment of “TEV” (Compensatory Tax) in case of export to countries where tax is not incurred depending on the document
  • The experts of our company make your TEV calculations.
  • Compatibility of Documents: Customs entry and exit declarations, import and export lists in the document
  • should be compatible with Otherwise, your realized exports will not be accepted. Your document cannot be closed.
  • Currency Allocation Rate: Imported foreign currency amount (CIF) / exported foreign currency amount (FOB) =
  • It should not be higher than 80%. Otherwise, the document cannot be closed. Currency usage rate depending on the sector
  • varies.
  • Closure of the Document: Imported, domestic raw materials and auxiliary materials taken within the scope of the document
  • declared to have been exported using Supports used for raw materials that are not exported are interest and
  • reimbursed with a fine.
  • Appraisal Report: Our company, whose unit usage amounts are not clearly seen in the Capacity Report, and
  • Provides services for obtaining Appraisal Reports within the scope of documents annotated on sectoral-based special conditions.