State Support for Exports

Within the scope of the Export Oriented State Aid Decision, in order to support the promotion of Turkish-made products and services abroad, increasing their market shares, producing in accordance with the technical legislation, and increasing the foreign exchange-earning service revenues of exports;

Certain expenses of companies established in Turkey are supported by the Ministry of Economy.



  1. Product trade (manufacturers or commercial companies can benefit.)
  2. Film industry,
  3. IT sector,
  4. Education Sector,
  5. Health sector,



  1. Foreign Unit (store-kiosk-showroom-warehouse-office-department) Rental Support,
  2. Overseas Promotion Support,
  3. Foreign Trademark Registration Support,
  4. Market Entry Documentation Support,
  5. Foreign Market Research and Market Entry Support,
  6. Participation Support to Individual and National Fairs,
  7. Search Engine Support,
  8. Report and Consultancy Support,
  9. Patient Path Support,
  10. Advertising Support,
  11. Translation Support



  • Provides consultancy services on state aids.
  • Provides written and verbal information on the issues to be considered before the activity.
  • Notifies changes in legislation, answers your questions about legislation and practice.
  • If necessary, it makes your preliminary applications.
  • It ensures that your applications are made on time by following the deadlines.
  • It follows up your application files in official institutions until your progress payments are transferred to your accounts.