Foreign Trade Consultancy

The realization of foreign trade activities according to the targeted time and budget is more related to operation management than sales and marketing activities.

• Follow-up of legal and bureaucratic processes,
• Logistics and customs clearance,
• Issuing documents required by legal regulations and obtaining licenses
• In addition to all these, following the payment calendar for the operations carried out is a process that requires attention in itself. It is among our activities to follow up these processes.
• Identifying potential importers and distributors.
• We are involved in communicating effectively with these companies and also in conducting a comprehensive and detailed study such as meeting the demands of the companies and which companies are interested in your export activities.

Benefiting from professional foreign trade consultancy services, instead of incurring time and financial losses with unsuccessful foreign trade attempts, allows you to reduce all existing risks. It shortens your path to success!

GTIP, SIC, CPV, NACE Code Detection: Detection of codes for each product and industry

Target Market Research Report:

Target Market Matrix: Combining all data used for target market detection into a single matrix

Ücountries imports/exports & Target & country evaluations: Detection and interpretation of country's annual and seasonal import/export data

Ücountries imports/exports & Competitor country evaluations: Detection and interpretation of countries' annual and seasonal export/import data

Turkish imports/exports evaluations: Detection and interpretation of Turkey and reference competitor country data

Trade indicators evaluations: Interpretation of data such as current account deficit, supply distance, growth, ease of business 

Average imports/exports figures evaluation: Evaluation of average import figures on GTIP basis

Identification of Target Markets/Procurement Countries: Determining the target market in the light of all these data and in line with company demands

Target Sector Report: Industry reports and boutique sector analyzes

Target Country Report: Target country general data, economic indicators, other indicators

Determination of Import Legislation of the Target Market: Taxes, quotas, non-tariff barriers, requested documents

Potential Customer/Supplier Detection: Detection of potential importers/exports according to the criteria determined for each target country

Competitor Identification: Identification of the main competitors exporting to target customers

Target Customer Intelligence: Company operations, bill of lading information, financial information etc.

Competitor Intelligence: Company operations, bill of lading information, financial information etc.

Determination of Export Strategies: Determining visiting points and meeting strategies in the light of all data

Overseas Fair & Congress & Association Evaluations: Detection of activities and evaluation of their participation