Outward Processing Permit

Outward Processing Regime; It is a system that includes exporting raw materials for processing, importing them back to our country as a product after processing, and providing exemption from all kinds of taxes in this process.

Outward Processing Permit

Outward Processing Permit Certificate of raw materials or auxiliary materials in Turkey

  • Temporary export to abroad or free zones for processing or renewal
  • import of the processed product into Turkey, benefiting from full or partial exemption, or other

It covers transit export activities to countries.


The export of the products processed abroad to a different country, including the Customs Union, is considered within the scope of the export obligation of the Foreign Processing Permit.


Closure of the document: In case the export of the product obtained by using the exported raw material in the production of products abroad, to Turkey and other customs union countries, the document can be closed without penalty.



  • Examines your company's documents. It informs you comprehensively about your interests and risks.
  • In the document usage process, it makes timely about the issues to be considered in raw material export and product import.
  • GTİP fulfills your needs for item name, quantity, price change, time extensions, company address and title change in a timely manner.
  • document closing file , makes the application, and follows the transaction processes until they are finalized.
  • Our company provides uninterrupted service from the receipt of documents from the Authority until your document responsibility ends.